Thursday, 20 October 2016

How to protect your phone from malicious phone apps and losing your phone's data

How to protect your phone from malicious phone apps and losing your phone's data

'Taiia Ngai' App is a Kamba Hymns Android App with all the 470 'Mbathi sya kumutaiia Ngai'. This App is for  Anyone who wants to  sing and  praise  God using the  Kamba language. 

It is of importance to persons interested in  acquiring and  installing this  App into their mobile  phones that they get it from  legitimate and  authentic sources which are or  254724482764 or Any other sources of this App are  counterfeit,  malicious,  thugs (...including  thieves who infringe on property rights),  conniving individuals planing to bug your phone so that they  read your  SMS texts and  listen to your  calls,  unscruplous people intending to  steal data from your phone or  infect your device with  viruses that will  destroy and  harm your phone, gain  access to your mobile  data including but not limited to infiltrating your mobile  banking accounts or even worse.

You do not want to  regret after  loosing your  expensive phone to viruses, loosing your phone's data, loosing  money or loosing your phone's  privacy when it is remotely invaded by  malevolent people after installing a  compromised Taiia Ngai App from a friend who also recieved it from a friend who got it from a someone else whose targets unknown to them,  plugged it with  destructive variants of  malware to  infect as many phones as  possible before distributing it to them. Do you remember  Government of  Kenya cautioning about possibilities of terrorists opting to wage a  Cyber attack in  Kenya? I am just echoing this concern though this is just one out of the many  worst  incidences that can  strike you from using apps whose  source's  authenticity you have no basis of  verifying. Now, this is wisdom! It is  wise to spend  KShs 300 or USD $5 to buy this app from an authentic source and  save yourself the  drama that results from picking up anything that's being freely shared by friends via online  messaging platforms whose  safety you cannot  trust or verify then end up being a  victim of some well crafted scum to remotely  break into your phone.  Hackers know people love  freebies and that's the  bait that most people gleefully take without batting an eyelid then end up regreting  bitterly.

You have been warned! Take care my brother and sister. This is that tough love (...rarely do all your loved ones and friends freely dispense it) because we do not want to see you  wail and  despair in  agony and  hopelessness after falling for either of the afore mentioned  gimmicks or similar ones of that nature that  tricksters are using on  internet to  defraud naive  lovers of online  freebies. Maintain your  sanity and  integrity by buying apps from their  trusted source  developers and  maintainers. Good phones are NOT  cheap and neither is your private phone data and banking details something you should take for granted. 

In a future article I will publish an article on how hackers gain access to peoples phones by  tricking phone users to install apps that end up unlocking security features of phones they are installed in then begin to  remit data remotely to them. In the mean time let us know if this post has helped you and what your views are. We will be glad to hear from you as well. 

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