Saturday, 30 July 2016

Metho makwa nimamwonie Mutangii Yesu

It was not necessary to search for this song as it features at NO.3 from the Kamba Hymns App but this was for the purpose of demonstrating how easy it is to search and retrieve a song from the app


(Our God is Marching on)
Key B Flat S.S S. 697 4/4
Metho makwa nĩmamwonie Mũtangĩĩi Yesũ,
Ai twatha nzia ya wo atũtwae kũla ũĩ;
Tene naisye aĩ mũthatu yu nĩnĩsĩ nĩ wa tei,

W’o wake nĩ vo uĩ.
Nĩ twaĩle kũmũtaĩa;
Nitwaĩle kumũtaia;
Tumũnenge ndaĩa syonthe,
W’o wake nĩ vo ũĩ.

Ndeto syake nivikĩte kũũ kwatwĩe kĩvindu,
Ala make akanyuva yu kwa andũ ma mbaitũ;
Ndwĩkalaate ngoo yakwa ũmwĩtĩkĩle mũnthĩ ũũ
Kyathĩ kya wo kĩĩ tũi.

Nĩtũũmanya Mwĩaii nĩwathembiwe mũtĩnĩ,
lthyĩ athe tũkĩthaũwa atũvikye ĩtunĩ;
Nĩwatwĩkie ngya vyũ ithyĩ twĩthw’e twi na ũthwii,
Tei wake nĩvo uĩ.

Ila ngai syakwa sya tene nĩ syo syĩndũ sya nthĩ,
Ula wawo nĩnĩmwĩsĩ yu nĩ Mũmbi ni Mũĩthi
Nĩ Mwovosya wakwa mwene nĩngũmwĩtĩkĩla nyie;
Ngai wa wo nĩ vo ũĩ.


This is Kamba Hymns App showing Stanza 1 and Chorus

This is Kamba Hymns App showing Stanza 2 and Chorus

This is Kamba Hymns App showing Stanza 2 and Stanza 3

This is Kamba Hymns App showing Stanza 3 and Stanza 4

This is Kamba Hymns App showing Stanza 4

Friday, 22 July 2016

Taiia Ngai version 1.2

Taiia Ngai version 1.2

Mbathi sya kikamba app has undergone an upgrade and has since been updated to Taiia Ngai 1.2
This update has fixed a few issues which were pointed out by the good users of the app though not every one of them was addressed as was requested. We have however put everything into consideration and majority of them will be taken care of in future updates. We appreciate each and every one of those feedbacks. They have helped us improve Taiia Ngai  app to its current excellent state. Keep them coming please!

This Update featured the following:

  • The Graphical User Interface has a new Taiia Ngai  icon (...bottom most right) which redirects to which is Mbathi sya kikamba app’s dedicated website.
  • Contacts accessible from the Info button have been made to be clickable for websites and e-mail addresses provided.
  • Telephone Numbers accessible from the Info button have been made to be dialable ( there such a word?)  on touch.
  • Incorrectly typed text in the kamba hymns stanzas and choruses has been corrected.
  • Incorrectly typed kamba hymns song titles have been corrected.
  • Mwiaii, Mutangiii and Musumbi now start with a capital letter even if they feature in the middle of a stanza or chorus.
  • Taiia Ngai app has now been updated to show current version of the app’s main activity window and any other activities of the app that users’ of the app choose to interact with.
  • Blog button of the app has now been made to redirect to Taiia Ngai  app’s updated blog which is (...can be viewed anywhere in the world) from (…previously accessible to Kenyan audience only)

We hope these changes will improve your user experience as you sing to your favorite Mbathi sya kutaiia Ngai from Taiia Ngai app.

What has been your experience while using Taiia Ngai app?  You can share with us on our facebook app page or twitter or write an e-mail to us narrating how your experience has been. We will be delighted to know what you think about this app.

Should you need to bring anything to our attention about this app, you can take a snapshot of it from your phone, write a brief description about it then e-mail it to us and we will be glad to hear from you and revert back.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Singing to my favorite Kamba Hymn, Usini wa Yolotani from Taiia Ngai Phone App

Thanks to the advent of technology and the recent advancement of mobile phone technologies we can now ferry our books around with ease. This is made possible due to the fact that books can now be converted to softcopy (electronic format) and archived on computer systems and mobile phones.
Doesn’t it feel good now that you can access a book you love so dearly from your mobile device? Previously this was not possible but these days you can even download your favorite newspaper to your phone and read it e.g. when commuting to work or school. I am no exception either and I believe that we are living in the best times ever when technology trends are changing the way we live and interact for the better. I did not want the fans of Kamba Hymns to be left behind and this motivated me to develop Taiia Ngai Android Phone app which is a kamba hymn book with all the 470 Mbathi sya kumutaiia Ngai songs.

I will describe how I would go about singing to one of my best kamba hymns’ song from the precious Mbathi sya kumwinia Ngai Book using my Android Phone. In my case, I have the Taiia Ngai Android Phone app installed on my phone. The song is Usini wa Yolotani. I hope you too love and feel blessed by this beautiful hymn like I do. This is how I would go about accessing it from my phone.

Step 1
Locate Taiia Ngai icon from your phone.

Step 2
Touch the Taiia Ngai icon lightly as you normally do when opening other apps installed on your phone. The app should open and display list of kamba hymn titles as shown below.

Step 3.
If you were using a physical hymn book, you would have flipped the pages all the way to No. 416 but in Taiia Ngai phone app I have made it easy for you to search for any song by either the words you can remember or type the NO. of the song if you can remember it. In most cases we can remember the words to a song but we cannot remember the song NO from the hymn book. Here is where the Taiia Ngai Android Phone app outmarches the physical hymn book.

We now begin to type ‘usini ‘ then observe the app filter by the songs which have ‘usini’  text and display them in the list (app lists songs 110, 212, 303 and 416)  . The song we want is the one listed as NO.416. You can then touch to open it now. When you type ‘usini wa yolotani’  in full, the list will now display only song NO.416 which is ‘Usini wa Yolotani’.

See the 2 screenshots below to understand step 3.



Step 4.
When you successfully search for the song you want to sing to with ‘the text you can remember’ you then open the song and sing your heart out. The screenshot below now displays the song NO.416Usini wa Yolotani’. Scroll up and down to move to the top and bottom stanzas.

Here are the kamba hymns lyrics to my song, Usini wa Yolotani.


(On Jordan's Stormy banks)
S.S.S. 973. V.T 109, L.H. 689 F.S.H 287,
Key C 4/4(d,)

Usini wa Yolotani
Wina itulumo
Niungye vo nisyaiisye;
Nthi isu nzeo ya Kanaani.

Tukathumua nthi ya utanu
Muinganisyo nthi nzeo muno,
Tukaina wathi wa Mose na wa Mwiaii
Twikalei nthini wa Yesu.

Muthenya mutisu wi mbee,
Uvitite syonthe kuu,
Vala Ngai mwana wikalaa;
Na utheu vate utuku.

Ngavika vandu vau indii,
Nituae ni muathime;
Ni indii ngona uthyu wa Asa;
Nithumue kithuini kyake.

Ngoo yi w’ia wa nthi ino,
Ndikethiwa vo ingi;
O na itulumo syooka,
Ndikakia ngasyathukia.


What else would you like us to write home about Mbathi sya kumutaiia Ngai phone app?