Friday, 22 July 2016

Taiia Ngai version 1.2

Taiia Ngai version 1.2

Mbathi sya kikamba app has undergone an upgrade and has since been updated to Taiia Ngai 1.2
This update has fixed a few issues which were pointed out by the good users of the app though not every one of them was addressed as was requested. We have however put everything into consideration and majority of them will be taken care of in future updates. We appreciate each and every one of those feedbacks. They have helped us improve Taiia Ngai  app to its current excellent state. Keep them coming please!

This Update featured the following:

  • The Graphical User Interface has a new Taiia Ngai  icon (...bottom most right) which redirects to which is Mbathi sya kikamba app’s dedicated website.
  • Contacts accessible from the Info button have been made to be clickable for websites and e-mail addresses provided.
  • Telephone Numbers accessible from the Info button have been made to be dialable ( there such a word?)  on touch.
  • Incorrectly typed text in the kamba hymns stanzas and choruses has been corrected.
  • Incorrectly typed kamba hymns song titles have been corrected.
  • Mwiaii, Mutangiii and Musumbi now start with a capital letter even if they feature in the middle of a stanza or chorus.
  • Taiia Ngai app has now been updated to show current version of the app’s main activity window and any other activities of the app that users’ of the app choose to interact with.
  • Blog button of the app has now been made to redirect to Taiia Ngai  app’s updated blog which is (...can be viewed anywhere in the world) from (…previously accessible to Kenyan audience only)

We hope these changes will improve your user experience as you sing to your favorite Mbathi sya kutaiia Ngai from Taiia Ngai app.

What has been your experience while using Taiia Ngai app?  You can share with us on our facebook app page or twitter or write an e-mail to us narrating how your experience has been. We will be delighted to know what you think about this app.

Should you need to bring anything to our attention about this app, you can take a snapshot of it from your phone, write a brief description about it then e-mail it to us and we will be glad to hear from you and revert back.

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